Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Day to Remember

Well, today was emotional. I thought I would start with that to shut down any outside ears that could not take this 'kind of talk'.....this AM was another demo by Mary Whyte. Fantastic street scene that captured the side of a parking garage (!) and turned from dull grays, into lively grays and then a few strokes of vivid color as she was finishing a street car.

We then went off to paint our own masterpieces. I found myself at the end of a dock, amazed at the fog as it lifted and then reappeared. I sketched the side of the pier and a large boat anchored in the bay. It was mesmorizing. I kept putting down my sketchbook to grab my camera for yet another photo as the fog showed another side of it's personality. Finally, as I was painting I found myself crying a bit. Yep, pretty sappy, but this AM was surreal. The smells of ocean water, fish, bakeries; along with the fog horns and the cool breeze was something I will never forget. Alright, the painting that I started is going along well, but I want to finish that later this week and enter the photo at that time.

This afternoon we camped at the Palace of Fine Arts. I DID complete that painting (probably because I didn't spend my time weaping!) and am proud of a more than a few aspect of this one. I have posted an actual photo of the part of the Palace of Fine Arts and my1/2 sheet painting. I hope you enjoy this.

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