Monday, November 7, 2011

Not Far From The Tree

I opened my studio door this morning to find this wonderful site! Did someone pluck her and place her  here? Did she fall from the tree last night? I have an apple tree right by my door and have been amazed at how it has produced apples throughout this season. This was my last remaining apple. I had left it on the tree on purpose. It seemed sad to pick all of the apples this fall. There weren't many as workers had constantly trampled and interrupted the poor tree this year rebuilding the house that is hugging this tree.

So many thoughts passed through my head as I picked it up. Some corny (uh, see the title of this blog), some revealing and some sad. What amazed me was how this dame weathered the storm this past year. She's gorgeous! I mean, look at her. She's perfectly, imperfectly rounded, seems to be in good physical shape (not a bad spot on her), she DOES show some age spots, but her color is good - even cheery! She even feels like she has some substance to her as I pluck her out of the wood chips. As I turn her over in my hands she also seems to have an innate sense of humor - look at her leaning into that joke she's about to tell.

Well, she is gracing the center of my painting desk at present. She looks like she belongs there. Right now I am remembering Tom Hanks in a movie talking to a soccer ball he named Norman....or was it Ralph?