Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Almost ready to hang!

Two propped & finished paintings,  drying  before a final coat of varnish. Yeah! Sorry about the glare, I'm having problems photographing oils.  Both paintings 36X36; will be part of a series focusing on florals from Santa Ynez Valley.
The orchid painting was fun, learned many lessons. Can you tell which orchids I enjoyed painting the most? I got lost in YoYoMa and other classical music while painting this piece.
The Russian Sage was a new technique of distressing the canvas before starting to paint in oils. I collaged Asian or rice paper onto this canvas, then stamped and painted abstractly on this background. Finally painting the still life directly over this textured start. The finished piece has a lot of texture and mystery behind an impressionist type of painting. I'll do this again as it was a challenge but fun!