Monday, November 23, 2015

Studying some masters

Hi!  I'm working on a a series of paintings that will not be published until they are nearer completion.  I'm excited about this new venture and have been studying/painting away. It's hard NOT to share each step but for now I will upload and share what I'm doing as I take short breaks from my series.

I'm keeping my balance by choosing a few older paintings that 'weren't quite right' and tweaking them. My aim is to ether cure or kill these paintings. Why? Well, why not?!? Let's see if I can salvage a few of these.

This example was obviously inspired by VanGogh. I admire this artist's work and enjoy studying his style, color and brush marks. The top painting was my first attempt at some flowers I'd picked from my yard. I liked the energy of the brush strokes, but MAN, those colors were yelling at me. They were saying "Lay OFF the caffeine Karen!". Below I've dulled the background colors, trying to keep with my initial idea of energetic brushstrokes. I enjoy painting this way. Less thinking and more from my heart.

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