Friday, July 30, 2010

Another finish to 'This Just Made Me Smile'

I spent another hour or so today tweaking this painting. I felt the white flowers (or white, negative space) needed some more work. I also got lost in some line and color work (applied by large watercolor crayons, no less!). Now I feel better calling this completed.
Thanks for sharing comments and opinions on my last post. I found it interesting that a few more of you enjoyed the more representational painting.
I am finding that this looser, feeling-type of style suits my moods anymore. The tighter, photorealistic paintings were a big part of my past, but my paintings lately seem to be filled with a sense of abstract color and large, flowing brushwork.
This painting is now matted, propped in my studio and guess what? It still makes me smile!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Attacking the Leaners

Getting ready for a show that will be up in August. I have all of the paintings that will be hung at the framers, and now I am working on paintings that will be in mattes (in a bin) in the gallery during our show. The past 2 days I have worked on 2 paintings that were started previously. They were filed away (along with ~50 others!) waiting for further inspiration. I have completed these 2 paintings. They are in 2 different styles, representing 2 different periods in my painting life---or 2 different days of the week!
I would like to have your input as to which one you prefer. Don't be shy, it's just 'us' here! Your feedback is both interesting and valuable. Please go to the top of the right hand column here to cast your vote.

The top painting is a more traditional floral (no name yet) and the bottom painting I have titled 'This Just Made Me Smile'. I think you can tell by my title attempts which one I enjoyed the most!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stylin' Leo

Today was a day that started out hard. It was raining and I was thinking alot about my nephew, Ben. I went out to my studio to finish up a piece for an upcoming show. Then got started on a warm-up exercise that kind of took over my day. I have a series of giraffe sketches and photos that keep coming to mind as I paint. I LOVE giraffes. I have a 12 foot one in my back yard who proudly displays holiday lights every year. Anyway, this guy was started by drawing with a small bottle filled with black gutta as I swayed along to a couple of Jack Johnson CDs. Then I flooded the Aquaboard with water and started painting with watercolor, large brushes and loads of water. A few hours later I was ready to sign this project. It ended up being a good day that was full of warmth, some fun, a few tears and lots of color.