Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Day of Portraits and Models

Day 4. Exhausting. Learned alot. Got frustrated, then poured those feelings out on my watercolor paper and life felt OK again. Drawing figures and portraits with any sense of accuracy is almost impossible unless done daily. Never mind. This act is probably frustrating period. It is also satisfying when an artist does capture a feeling or likeness of the model.

Attached is a portrait that I gave up on, started dropping in all sorts of mudd (professional term in my watercolor world.....), then started painting in vivid colors here and there. Mary (instructor) came by and took my sponge (!) and wiped out areas of highlights. Quite nice result, actually. A few more brush strokes here and there and this is the result.

The top photo is of Mary Whyte, her painting demo and the model that she was painting. An inspiring day.

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