Monday, February 20, 2012

African Orchids in progress?

This is my first in a series on African textiles and orchids. I have chosen oils and thought I would start out with a bang using a 36X36" canvas. That may have been my first mistake...

I do find it interesting and 'telling' that I am having a similar problem with this painting as I do in my other medium (watercolor). The colors are vivid. Too vivid! I see my challenge is truly to work on graying colors and  softening edges.

Many lessons learned here, the question I am having the past few days is whether to call this one and move on, or keep tweaking. At this point I am going to give this one more day of trying to gray down those spring green orchids. (For those of you who know me, I had a similar thought a few weeks ago with this same painting and I am still tweaking it). However, now I am antsy to move on to my next victim in oils!

Goal for the next painting in this series: Use perhaps only 6 colors (a warm and cool of each primary); and plan on finishing the painting within 3 sittings to keep it fresh.

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