Sunday, August 12, 2012

If it's 'On A Stick' they will come....

What I'm learning working at the fair:

1. People will eat almost anything on a stick!

2. Support local artists! After lugging my easel, art supplies and ME over a mile (uphill!) every day I realize those artists and their work don't just appear. They also set up, staff their own booths, do free demonstrations, etc.

3. I appreciate cooler weather

4. I appreciate rain that falls at the appropriate time :-)

5. Don't worry about painting in front of crowds. Stuff happens.

6. Sometimes a ponytail is the best way to style one's hair.

7. Baseball caps were a great invention.

8. Iowa tenderloins ROCK!

9. Fried ANYTHING smells great

10. Some things just go better with a beer

***Thanks for reading and following my work.

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