Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Three Hour Tour.....

Oh boy, I'm gonna have fun describing this painting! Woohoo!!!

Yesterday I went out on a 60 foot yacht! It was for a fundraiser for Visiting Nurse & Hospice in Santa Barbara. Some generous people who owned yachts offered to take people out to watch a sailboat regatta in the harbor. Well, I won't bore you with details but it was the 1st time I'd ever been on a sailboat- and a yacht? Wow!
I don't usually worry about 'what to wear' but DID call the CEO and asked her what people wore to this event. She left a message on my answering machine that simply said "Casual yacht attire". OMG. I laughed! What does an Iowa girl know about yacht clothing?!? Well, I DID watch PLENTY of episodes of Gilligan's Island growing up so I had a tough decision.....did I want to be Ginger (Hell yes!), Lovey, or the MaryAnn character......OK, so I dressed liked Lovey! Well, almost. White capris, flip flops with rhinestones and a colorful, flowing top I got on the 80% off sale rack of Younkers last spring! It was perfect!

Oh, my painting? I almost forgot! ;-) This was fun to paint. Not too hard. I probably should have stopped with the small details about 20 minutes sooner, but I was having fun placing a spot of color here and another spot there.

One last note: I couldn't stop humming the theme from Gilligans Island while I painted this! Thanks for listening to my story!