Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Looking Up At Low Tide

Today's painting is more about experimenting and showing up. I didn't get home until after 5 and found my energy and imagination at low tide. I looked through a few art books, some sketches, more art books, but nothing. I went to my pile of unfinished or 'not quite perfect' paintings and started thumbing through them. Wait a minute! There's one that grabbed me. It was a large painting of random sunflowers. Hmmmm. I measured different parts of the painting, then got out my scissors and cut off a chunk of it. At this point I was energized. 

An hour later I had copied a small hummingbird onto Asian paper, collaged this into the sunflowers. Collaged other rice papers around for a hint of foliage, then grabbed some hand made paper, cut it up and collaged on some obnoxious leaves. OK, so this won't make the art history books but it was fun. That's my lessons today- just have fun. I'd almost forgot.


  1. Just had to stop by and tell you that I think this is SO pretty! I love how gentle and soft it is. Very well done.

    Good luck with the rest of Leslie's 30 in 30.

    I'm participating, too. And, so far I'm keeping up!

    1. Joan, glad to meet you! I joined the challenge at the last minute and am still not sure just who is 'out there' also doing this. Thanks for your kind words!