Friday, September 6, 2013

Today's Spirit

This afternoon I painted & listened to a borrowed CD of poetry readings by David Whyte (thanks Bev). Beautiful, surreal thoughts that carried me through this painting. After a couple of days drawing and painting horses I wanted to just paint- no planning, just jump into 'the zone' with color. My subject was day lilies from this week's farmers market. Blind contour drawing is a fun way to sketch/draw quickly but not worry about crooked lines or shapes. I think the imperfect lines make for a better drawing anyway!

I also wanted to make back runs and let the pigment mingle so I layed the paper flat and used excess water to keep this loose.

If you don't understand this painting, I totally respect and understand. However, this painting is exactly where I was today inside my heart & head. I'm content with it.

Thanks for viewing my art.


  1. I am out of descriptive words.. I will try. Gorgeous, spectacular, fabulous, bursting full of color yet tranquil.

  2. Karen, somehow my comment did not post. I absolutely love this. I wish I could paint this way. So lovely, and I really enjoy you sharing your process with us. Thank You!

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