Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's what I do

Well, it has been awhile since I wrote and I am petrified to actually tell you just how much I have been painting. See, this is just what I do. I paint. What have I been painting? Hmmm. Portraits, Chinese brushpaintings of orchids (both the flowers and beautiful, graceful stems and leaves), an abstract and a landscape or two.

I paint daily; actually averaging five days a week. I have signed on with two different groups this semester. My plan this semester is to immerse myself in both drawing and painting with a focus on the human form.

Thursday's group meets in Ames, Iowa and we paint nudes and still lifes. The teacher (Jo) teaches out of her home and gallery. She is a true art-spirit who lives and breaths art. She just returned from a workshop on the East coast with Charles Reid. This week we painted from 3 different still life set-ups that she had in her studio. It was a treat to see her notebook and paintings of Mr Reid's class and to hear some of her stories about studying with this master watercolorist.

Tuesdays group meets at the Des Moines Art Center and is taught by Tracy Duran (the visiting artist at the DM Art Center). First class is this Tuesday and I look forward to this. More on that class after Tuesday.

Well, next time we meet I plan to start posting photos of projects and paintings (both finished and complete).

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