Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Unfinished Painting..........

Well, I decided to put both good and bad days/(weeks?) into this blog as this is reality in a studio- MY studio anyway. I have been trying to finish a painting that is to be auctioned off at a local gala in the near future. It started out as an exciting array of colors/forms and emotions (the abstract orchid from my last blog entry) but came to an abrupt stop when it came to finishing/tweaking the background. I have been in a funk/deadlock/or whatever you call it when you stand in front of your painting with your heart racing (due to deadlines and imagined faces of 100s of people standing in front of one's painting with faces of boredom as the auctioneer keeps begging for bids..........). How do you meet these deadlines without compromising your art? How does an artist appeal to buyers and still say what is in their heart? I really did not think this would be so hard.

Anyway, I have decided to leave this painting alone for now. Lesson learned. I am taking one of my other paintings (a favorite!) and placing this in the auction as I need to get started on yet another commission before the week is done. Actually, I am already planning that next painting as I type this. Ahhhhh, thank goodness for new ideas, a new day and a cup of tea.

"Happy painting!"

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