Thursday, March 18, 2010

Khanh's Orchids

Today I finished (?) a painting that is going to be auctioned off in a week or so at the Des Moines Wine Fest Gala. It's propped in my studio at present so that tomorrow morning I can walk in and look at it with fresh eyes.
This painting was started approximately 24 hours ago as a release for my frustration. You see, my husband is president of Wine Fest this year and was walking through my studio as I painted, flipping through painting after painting for the "perfect painting" for a Wine Fest auction item. Well, this is not a comfortable scenario for me (and I think most artists!) so I told him I would "get right on that" and ushered him out of my studio door. I then pulled out a full sheet of YUPO paper, grabbed a gorgeous potted orchid & plopped it on my desk and jumped right into my fresh paint with the largest brush I could grab. Ahhhh, the right side of my brain is such a great place to go and just play...........
I love getting into the brushwork (Chinese or Asian style) of the flowers and leaves, then figuring out the design and composition as I go along. I am comfortable and stimulated by this style of painting, but it goes against what I have been taught by traditional teachers (by first doing value studies, choosing one's palette, sketches, etc). I am also finding that many of my paintings that I do in this way look similar to me. Sooooo, "is this my style or am I just in a rut?" Ooooooh! Such deep, philosophical questions..........

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