Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monotypes, Mistakes and More

I went to my studio yesterday to pack for an upcoming trip. Two hours later I finished painting a fun, loose version of something abstract/floral on a Plexiglass sheet. I was in the mood to transfer this onto printing paper to make a monotype....Have I mentioned that I may be a bit ADHD when in my studio? After soaking and blotting the Rives paper I placed this paper over the Plexglass sheet, rolled the print with a roller and "Voila!". What?!? 90% of the monotype was still adhered to the Plexiglass. I thought about framing the darn Plexi, then decided that was not my intended goal. I shrugged, muttered something off-colored, then propped the offending Plexiglass in front of my painting table and pulled out an Aquaboard, then began to paint. I liked the design and wasn't going to let this attempt go to waste. The end result is shown here. I am going to experiment with this piece by coating with wax/damar varnish as if this were an encaustic. We'll see where my mind and this project goes from there.
OK, back to my studio to pack for that upcoming painting trip............

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