Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dahlia's Part II

Well, I couldn't leave this alone. I posted this painting in a previous blog (see below). I couldn't decide whether to finish the background or not, so this painting has been leaning in my studio waiting,,,,and waiting. Today I was waiting for another painting to dry and grabbed this 'leaner'. Why not?! I wasn't satisfied with that first attempt as the entire reason I painted these dahlias was the backlighting - and that first painting did not show off the backlight effect I was after. So, I stopped breathing about an hour ago, grabbed a large brush, lots of water and pigment. Here is what I have so far. What do you think? Better before? It's just paper, right???

I read this past week that FEAR is what stops most artists from progressing. Fear of ruining a perfectly good painting, fear of other's opinions, fear of so many things. Well, I DO know that without stepping out of my comfort zone in art I just keep staying at the same level. Since my goal is to keep going to another level, I am choosing to keep pushing that 'fear' button and staring it in the face.

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