Friday, November 9, 2012

A Morning Ritual

Below is a poem that came across my computer this morning. It touched my soul. This came from a site that I follow and enjoy (Heron Dance Art Studio). Rod is an artist and writer who lives seclusively in the wild, while reading great poets, writing, meditating and painting. 

I find these words valuable as I try to clear my thoughts and heart before entering my art place. A cleansing of sorts- getting rid of those negative gremlins that can dwell in my mind. 

Washing at dawn:
Rinse away dreams.
Protect the gods within,
And clarify the inner spirit.

Purification starts all practice. First comes cleansing of the body--not to deny the body, but so that it is refined. Once cleaned, it can help us sense the divine.
Rinsing away drams is a way of saying that we must not only dispel the illusions and anxieties of our sleeping moments but those of our waking ones as well. All life is a dream, not because it isn't there, but because we all project different meanings upon it. We must cleanse away this habit.

-Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao, Daily Meditations

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