Monday, November 12, 2012

Practicing Bamboo

Art can be solitary, but I find that's a necessity if I want to dive deep into my soul to find my voice. By lunchtime I was amused (after a morning of practicing bamboo) as I had a forest literally growing under my feet.

Bamboo looks easy enough, but I find that it's simplicity makes it one of the hardest subjects to paint! There's no covering up mistakes, and since water & ink have their own voice I can only show up with brush in hand, breath & stay present to what happens on the paper.
This afternoon will be making branches and leaves. Today's goal is to come up with one design that's acceptable. I'll let you know if the water & ink have other plans.


  1. Having seen the final project, I would say that you found your voice. It is amazing and I love it!