Thursday, September 12, 2013


Intermezzo- a brief entertainment between two acts of a play (American Heritage Dictionary). That melodious word was floating in my head as I painted this piece. I didn't feel like drawing much and was sparked by an old photo I'd taken in Bali of what I thought was a princess walking out of a holy place, down the steps and into the sun.
Can you tell I felt like playing with color? This was my story for today.
As a side note: Upon checking the word that came right after 'intermezzo' in the dictionary I found the word 'interminable'- which was defined as 'seeming to be without an end'. My exact thoughts today on this challenge! ;-)


  1. Your comments made me laugh.... never ending,ha ha
    this is lovely, and it reminds me of a dream I once had. The light and the colors take me back.

  2. Thanks Sheila. Your response is validating as I know you're painting your way through this month also!