Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Redo Of A Surreal Scene

Your not seeing a rerun- this is a Redo!  :-) In yesterday's painting I liked the composition but the background dried with blotches where my fingers had been used to blend edges! Ugly blotches! I think my painting had the measles!

This is drying normally as I used a soft brush to blend the edges of the white clouds (no more fingers!). Tomorrow I may float in a transparent layer of blue/gray over the sky area to calm down the white clouds a bit. The painting needs to be bone dry (overnight is good) to do this without muddying the colors.

When I looked up into the sky last weekend I saw a long row of whispy clouds guiding a sea gull into the distance. A sense of this surreal scene is what I am trying to describe in this painting.


  1. I can't see splotches in the previous painting. I like them both. Will you show us after you make the change? this first one is more stormy, moody. and this one is peaceful. Maybe the stormy was a mirror of your struggles?

    1. Thanks Sheila. It's always interesting how paintings mirror what's happening in life. Yes, that could be.
      I'll be glad to share the 2nd painting after I glaze it.
      Hope your painting day's a good one.

  2. hmm. i think both are great but i "like" the first. i think cuz i saw it first!

  3. My first is usually the one with more energy. Thanks Sukey.