Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quick Study of Orchids Listening To Jazz

Day Whatever.....OK, it's 17! I'm grumpy today; thought all night about my intentions for taking on this  challenge- and this is what I've concluded:

I'm noticing that sketches are time saving and meet with higher success day after day. I also need practice sketching and practicing time management when sketching and painting quick sketches- so that may be where I go from here.

Today's painting did help lift my mood. This was a 30 minute timed study: contour drawing of a bouquet of orchids that are in my studio. The colors were what spoke to me today. Enjoy!


PS I'm leaving tomorrow for a week so if I'm not able to download from my phone onto this blog I will put  the paintings on Facebook. 


  1. Gorgeous! I am so happy for you Karen! I am glad you are finding success and improvement. I have been grumpy today too. I did about nine paintings, and they went from bad to worse.
    This is so lovely, the color in the leaves reminds me of eucalyptus, which we have a lot of here in California. Beautiful work Karen!