Monday, September 16, 2013

Day 16- It's A Wash!

Well, this started with a wet wash anyway. It's after 10PM and I'm calling it quits on this beauty. Perhaps this can be saved, but not tonight. Boy, what does one write when it's a painting that's gone bad?  Sometimes this happens.

This was an assertive attempt at a busy scene. My plan was to lay in a wet wash of light and mid tone values. I wet both sides of the watercolor paper and started floating in color only to discover that I needed to leave for an appointment in 30 minutes (not enough time to finish the 1st wash). After a couple of more starts and stops I looked down at my paper and realized this train had jumped the tracks.

A scene like this needed undivided attention from the artist. Humbly, this is my product for Day 16.


  1. This is bad? Well, I would put it in a frame. You have some great light in there, and the washed out areas in front sort of look like, we are being blinded by the bright light.

  2. I've photographed that tractor as well as the rest of the area...Everytime I look at that area I am always enchanted by the cool elements but dismayed at the compositional challenges. Some places are like that. I think if I did a scene from there I'd zero in on one element and play down all else. We aggrevate ourselves too much:).