Friday, August 7, 2015

Beginning Watercolor Workshop

Hi! It's been awhile but updating my website and blog are on my 'I will get better at' list! 😉 I will upload photos of completed demos when I get back to California. Here is a list of a few things we've covered this week:

Supplies: Creative Coldsnow is the local art store on 25th & University in Des Moines. DickBlick is my online source.

Arches watercolor paper- rough, cold press and hot press. 140 lb is most common and what we used. Other good brands are Lanaquarelle and Fabriano Artistico. All papers react differently with paint. Some are softer, more delicate, some let you lift the paint easier, etc. This is a fun are to explore with!
Tube paints by Daniel Smith, Holbein and Winsor Newton.
Recommended brushes for beginner watercolorists-
1. Sable/synthetic blend. Round. #10. Please buy the best brush you can afford. This makes a difference!  My favorite round? Davinci Maestro Kolinsky Sable or Isabey Pure Sable.
2. Squirrel mop brush size 3. My favorite? Isabey 6234 Petit Gris size 3 or 4.
3. Hake brush (large inexpensive, flat brush used to wet large areas).
Kneaded eraser.
Masking fluid. Remember to use an OLD brush to spread this!
Smaller, old or stiff brush for lifting paint.
Large strait edge ruler.
#2 pencils.
1/2 or 5/8 "Gator board.
Paper towels.
Something to elevate head of your Gatorboard slightly.
Water container.

Artists who have great books or DVDs for beginning/intermediate watercolor students (this list could go on and on....) :-)

Birgit O'Connor- great DVDs!
Karlyn Holman- books and DVDs.
Jeanne Dobie- great book on mixing beautiful grays, greens, etc.
Shirley Trevena- fantastic books and DVDs. Inspirational!
Alvaro Castagnet- entertaining artist. Great books and DVDs.
Joseph Zbukvic- great DVDs
Jean Haines- great books and DVDs.
Vinita Pappas- great artist and teacher. Excels in plain air and landscape painting! Gives online classes and workshops. Has videos on Youtybe.
Des Moines Art Center has great art classes throughout the year. I've met wonderful artists, instructors and friends there.

YouTube has many clips and videos of these great artists.

Iowa Watercolor Society is a great organization and has fantastic fall workshops with world known watercolor artists who give demonstrations and workshops. It's a great way to learn and meet fellow watercolor enthusiasts!

Happy painting!

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  1. I really enjoyed your workshop. Could you please list the name of the colors you placed in our palate? Thank you.