Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 15: The Chocolate Shop

Today I was itching to get out of my studio so I packed up my plein air supplies and headed for my favorite coffee shop! The chocolate shop adjacent to my destination stopped me in my tracks. Ta Dah! I purchased my coffee, then hurried outside, placed my cup on my car and leaned against my car while I sketched. I was standing in the street so needed to finish this quickly- not everyone likes plein air painters! If you notice the lower right part of the painting, a car had pulled up while I was sketching what is ONE COOL, old tractor. I thought "Really?!?" but went ahead with what I saw in front of me.

In this sketch/painting my goal was to describe the feeling of heavy shade in front of this building. Not sure if I achieved this goal, but this was good practice. It always is. Humbling and good.

Also, some people have asked me about my supplies: This is my travel version. Everything in the bottom photo fits into the cosmetic bag (I love those free bags!) The only things that don't fit in the bag are the sketch book and a cup of coffee! ;-)


  1. To me the whole scene looks shady. The kind of grey day I love, because we get so few of them. Beautiful!

  2. Hi your work - found you through 30 in 30. Looking forward to your next painting! :)